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Matthew Liam Gallagher

"Love you to the moon and back"
2011 - 2022

Matthew was a bright young boy. His biggest dream was to become an astronaut and travel to outer space. He could tell you everything about the moon's different phases and point out the different planets in the night sky, and many constellations. However, he knew that to have better chances at achieving his goal, he needed to become a pilot. So he dreamt of becoming one of the pilots for the Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds. He was fully obsessed with warbirds. He could point them all out at the air shows and give you a run down of what each one was used for and what platform replaced them as time went on.

In addition to dreaming of becoming a pilot and astronaut, he was fascinated with technology, particularly Tesla. He would often talk about walking up to neighbors houses to ask them if they would take him for a ride in their Tesla. He never did, because his father explained to him that it is not nice to do that, and that he could admire them from outside. Nevertheless, he had become so fascinated with Tesla, Space-X and Elon Musk, that he begged to have his 11th birthday at a Tesla dealership.

Matthew Liam Gallagher, the precious and beloved son of Scott and Cori Gallagher and brother to Savannah Gallagher, went to his heavenly home to be with our Lord on May 18, 2022 at the tender age of eleven. Matthew was born on March 26, 2011 at Marine Corps base Twenty-Nine Palms, California. As the son of a Marine father, Matthew called many places home including Lakeland, Florida, Grand Prairie, Texas, Jacksonville, North Carolina, and Twenty-Nine Palms, California.

Matthew deeply touched countless others during his short earthly life. He exuded the true essence and epitome of boy. He attracted others to him with his zestful and playful approach to life. His sweet nature and kind hearted soul were evident as he consistently cared for and loved others. To know Matthew was one of God’s great blessings and one couldn’t help but to love him. Matthew was happiest when wearing his super hero costumes, wearing his Heelys, playing video games with his sister and friends, working on projects with his dad, and cuddling his mom. Matthew loved anime, outer space, dirt-biking, hockey, baseball, Spider-Man, and playing outside.


In Memory of a Special Son 

It’s sometimes hard to know
Why some things happen as they do
For so much joy and happiness
Was centered around you 

It seems so hard to comprehend
That you’re no longer here
But all the happy memories
Will help to keep you near 

You’re thought about with pride, son
With each mention of your name
Death cannot change a single thing
The love will still remain 

-Author Unknown

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