Memorial Spaceflights

Mark Dennis Whitehead

"With a smile, Mark is traveling with stars in the sky"
1954 - 2021

Mark Dennis Whitehead, 67 of Crawfordville, died Friday, October 22, 2021 at his home. Mark was a native of Jacksonville. He lived in Crawforville since 1976. Mark worked for Florida State University (FSU) housing for 18 years. Mark loved FSU sports, fishing, woodworking, cooking and looking at the stars. Mark always wanted to fly helicopters, ultralights and he always wanted to go to space.

Mark was very determined and had the strongest will to live to ever exist. He never quit. He was still working at age 67 and even went to work with his Chemo pump attached to him. The best brother and friend anyone could ever ask for.


What Is A Brother

A Brother is a gift,
A gift recieved from God,
You know how each other feels,
With just a smile or nod.
A Brother is a friend,
One that you did not choose, He'll tell you like it is,
And never wants to see you loose,

Admirable, good-natured, devoted, valiant,
Just barely describes your worth. You can never be replaced,
By anything on this earth.

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