Memorial Spaceflights

Lorraine Ann (Raymond) Barnum

"My Stargirl My Sweetheart"
1947 - 2007

Lorraine grew up in Spokane, Washington. She was in junior high school when Sputnik was launched to orbit. The great space race was commenced between East and West.

The idea of exploring space fascinated Lorraine. This encouraged her to take all the math and science her junior high school and senior high school provided. She was intelligent, curious, creative, motivated and since she had that spark that enables people to do their best, she knew college and the sciences were for her. Often in high school and college she would be the only female in the harder classes. She obtained bachelor degrees in geology and physical science and worked as an electronic technician to get through college. She worked as a geologist in Texas analyzing core samples. Later she earned a masters in electrical engineering. This enabled her to fulfill her childhood dream. That dream was to work with NASA in the exploration of the cosmos. She spent the rest of her career in Huntsville, Alabama, the home of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in the pursuit of her dream. She was dedicated, hard working, and could achieve results. When given a task she excelled in its completion.

In her years of service in Huntsville she received many awards, plaques, certificates, accolades and merit recognition. She was a member of many professional organizations and civic clubs, from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), geology organizations, astronomy clubs, cancer support groups and even to a musical dulcimer club. If one wanted a project to succeed, Lorraine was a person they wanted on that team.

Lorraine had heard of services that would rocket cremated remains to space and was intrigued with the idea. She was an avid Star Wars, Star Trek and space science fiction fan. Since she worked with space concepts, and thought and dreamed about space, what a fitting memorial Space Services Inc. could provide. She wanted to be cremated anyway and this service would be a relevant commemoration and culmination of a space engineer's dream. Yes, she wanted that space rocket ride to orbit with even a small portion of her cremated remains which could then become a shooting star upon re-entry. What an apt memorial!

As her spouse I wanted to do all I could to help her complete her dreams and aspirations. With the encouragement of family, friends and Space Services her wishes will be carried out.

A quote she liked is "I am a spiritual being on an earthly journey" and this typified her life.

God speed Lorraine for the rest of the journey!

"Yesterday is the past
Tomorrow is the future
Today is a gift
That is why it is called the Present."

You are the "Rose of My Heart,"
Your loving husband, John

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