Memorial Spaceflights

Kenneth Lloyd Stone

"See you in the stars, dad"

Since he was a child in the 1930's, Dad doodled in the margins of his books. Illustrating them with men from Mars and rockets that would travel to the Moon and beyond. Growing up as children, he showed us the Moon through his backyard telescope, and how to safely watch a solar eclipse through a sheet of paper and the shadow on the ground. He stopped our young world to make us watch the televised lunar landing, though we could barely grasp the importance. All his life, Dad was an avid astronomy fan, science buff and classical music lover. He would have given his eyeteeth to be an astronaut, but his nearsightedness betrayed him in his youth. He doesn't need those physical tests to go to space now. When we launch, Dad gets the window seat.

See you in the stars, Dad!

Thanks for your life of imagination and inspiration.

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