Memorial Spaceflights

Joseph Anthony Ostroski

"Love you to infinity and beyond"
1970 - 2019

Joe grew up, lived and worked in Phoenix much of his life and had recently moved to Hawai`i. He and his wife, Carrie, were tremendous partners in life, a team, and deeply loved and respected each other. He was her sunshine. They had many great adventures and lived a life of love that many never experience.

Joe's greatest joys were being Uncle Joe to his nieces and nephews, spending time in nature, drawing, building models, ice cream, yellow cake with dark chocolate frosting, chocolate chip cookies, swimming and exploring the ocean, hiking and picnicking in the mountains and movies. He loved airplanes, Porsches, history and quotes of Winston Churchill. He was an exceptional nurse practitioner who treated his patients like family.

Joe was gentle and kind, and his boyish grin and nature would light the room and warm your heart. He loved big and gave the best hugs in the world.

He left us too soon, but it is important for all of us who knew him to continue to remember him, talk about him, and treat each other like he treated people, with love, gentleness, compassion and humor. His love will continue through all of us who come together to remember him. Let us all carry his beauty into the world by remembering him and being kind to each other.


Joe wondered at the marvels of the ocean and space and loved to look for satellites in the star-filled skies. On a road trip home from the Grand Canyon years ago he told me his wish was to have his ashes shot into space on a rocket. I thought it was such a crazy, unrealistic idea at the time, but am now so warmed by the thought that I can make his wish come true.

Joseph P., I love you to the stars and back – infinity and beyond, and beyond that…

Your Monkey D.

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