Memorial Spaceflights

John R. Leasure, Jr.

"Your Soul Is Free To Soar"
1949 - 1998

John R. Leasure, Jr. was a native Texan born in El Paso on December 4, 1949, to John Sr. and Norma Chapa Leasure (now deceased). He grew up surrounded by a large and loving family that included his sister Linda, brothers Bill, Alan and Michael, and many close aunts, uncles and cousins. Later John lived a while in California, but returned to Texas and made his home in Austin.

John loved the outdoors of the Texas Hill Country where nightly he could see a myriad of stars from horizon to horizon. He preferred to spend most of his time in the outdoors, very often in the company of his beloved son Joseph.

John was also captivated by space exploration and followed closely every space mission.

In addition to his siblings, father John Sr., and son Joseph, John is survived by his wife Alberta, stepdaughter Emilee, grandchildren DeSean, Marcus and Adam, and many cherished friends and relatives.

John died after a courageous battle with cancer on Christmas morning, 1998. We know John is elated about his journey to space. At last his soul is free to soar!

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