Memorial Spaceflights

John Edward Estes

"My Beloved, Our Wrinkle In Time"
1958 - 2018

John Edward Estes – an incredible bright spirit and generous soul, whose passion for the universe was timeless and endless … missed by everyone who knew him.

His love for reading took him to realms beyond imagination from a very early age starting in Georgia.

After obtaining an industrial/scientific photography degree from Brooks Institute of Santa Barbara, he joined Hughes Aerospace, where he followed the latest with scientific breakthroughs along with enjoying the Malibu Mountains for weekend motorcycle adventures and meeting soulmate/wife/best friend – Christine.

Kentucky/Tennessee became home the last 30 years, where they cared for parents, rescued animals, were avid environmentalists, part of the State Farm Team and humanitarians.

Leaving this earthly plain too soon, his passing, age 60 was self-inflicted. There were no signs. If you or a loved one are struggling, please know that there is help out there. Contact the National Suicide Lifeline at 1.800.273.TALK.

In celebration of John’s life, how perfect but with a spaceflight, returning as a shooting star.

I know he would absolutely love this!

My Beloved Starman –
I’ll never forget you. I don’t want to either.
Along with the great sadness that comes from missing you lives a universe of gratitude for having shared love with you at all. Our connection changed my life. I’m honored to be able to miss you.
Forever – your Sunshine.

StarMan Our Wrinkle In Time!

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