Memorial Spaceflights

Jerry Mueller

"I love you forever, Chris"
1955 - 1999

Our love lives on...

Jerry Mueller always wanted to go to space. His prediction was that within his lifetime ordinary men and women would have the chance to go into space. He would love to have been the first to see the world from high above.

Jerry was born in Chicago, which was always his true home, but Austin, Texas was his adopted home. He made a brief sojourn to Rochester, Minnesota where we met and fell in love. He was dad to his stepchildren, Tracy and Scott and will be my forever love. Jerry had a true joy in living. He wanted to go fast and to do it in style. His engineering skills helped in his playtime activities of working on his car and motorcycle.

He was always looking to the sky, however, and that was his true wish for the ultimate trip. His favorite television shows and movies revolved around anything space related, "Star Trek" included. He loved to read science fiction and was impressed with the writing of Steven Hawking. Science was his true devotion and computer engineering his chosen work.

Jerry's intelligence was a marvel to everyone who knew him. He was well read on most topics and could have a conversation with anyone about most anything. He was never at a loss for words! Jerry had a wonderful extended family that loved him very much; he is dearly missed by family and friends alike.

Jerry was always busy and his life was very full. He enjoyed volunteering at Austin City Limits and rarely ever turned down the opportunity to hear whichever band was playing. He loved to travel and see new places and things. He relished the time he spent in Europe, China, as well as the States.

Jerry was a kind, gentle, and generous man. He cared about his family, his friends, his pets (Fritz, WC, Willie, Yoda, Sheba, Bear, BG, Misha, Cali, and Tabitha), and the environment. We all feel the loss of a loved one, but with Jerry's passing the world has lost a truly great man!

"Those we love don't go away. They walk beside us everyday. Unseen, unheard but always there, loved by all, because we care."

Christine Mueller

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