Memorial Spaceflights

James William Bean

"Look out for us, mate."
1983 - 2005

Someone left the cake out in the rain -- 
I don't think that I can take it,
'cause it took so long to bake it,
And I'll never have that recipe again...

James was born in Sydney on 23rd August, 1983 and lived all his life in this city, moving from Mosman (on Sydney harbour) when six months old, to the North Shore (Sydney) suburb of St. Ives.

James was a happy, contented little boy, with a 'wicked' smile and laughing eyes, but a rather shy (until you got to know him) personality.

After attending a local primary school, he attended Barker College in Hornsby from Year 3 until his Higher School Certificate in 2001. There he made many friends, including his girlfriend of the last two years (until his death), Rachael. He is remembered by them all as being highly individual, and 'marching to his own drum', which included dining hall food fights, and generally pushing boundaries. Whilst there, he represented Barker at chess, at which he was once rated 6th in the State for age. James was also a very competent swimmer, tennis player and golfer -- though his dad says James was all about driving as hard as he could, and forget the putting!

In the last few years, James' favourite things were partying with his friends, hanging out with Rachael and playing computer games, especially War Craft, at which he excelled. He very much enjoyed Techo Music, especially trance, and his family now really misses the 'thump thump' coming through his bedroom floor.

James was at Macquarie University studying for a degree in Information Technology, and worked part time in a local drive-through bottle shop.

An anecdote here serves to demonstrate his dry humour: When he was small (and enjoyed playing in cardboard boxes), he decorated one and was playing in it on our driveway, when it began to rain. He played on for a while longer, until the rain started entering the box. When this happened, he stuck his head outside and shook it, saying mournfully, "Ten million bucks, and the roof leaks!" He must have been only about seven.

James was killed early on the morning of Sunday, 15th May, 2005, when his car struck a telegraph pole. He leaves behind his grieving parents, younger sisters, Belinda and Shannon, girlfriend Rachael, grandparents and many, many friends, who gather regularly and keep his memory fresh.

James once said in a moment of magnificence that when he died he would like to be shot into space -- so we are pleased to be able to make this come true for him.

He was healthy, happy, good-looking and funny. We miss him SO much.

R.I.P. mate!

The Family of James W. Bean

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