Memorial Spaceflights

James Gresham Castell

"Believe in Yourself"
1961 - 2021

An extraordinary husband, father and grandfather. A true gentleman with the cheekiest grin and eyes that light up a room. Forever missed by his family and friends. A man with true grace and Witt and a crazy personality to match.

Nothing was more important to him than his family and would move mountains to prove just that.

James always taught us to believe in ourselves, because that was his own life motto. The countless things we learnt and carry with us, we owe all to him. He leaves a lasting legacy through 3 generations, and the many people he touched.

James would live with the words, “don’t ever lose your dignity or let others lose theirs because of you”.

Shoot for the stars and explore the galaxies.

We love you always and forever.

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