Memorial Spaceflights

Indica-Noodle Fabiano

"Thank you for loving and caring for me."
2005 - 2020

I got Indica after returning home from the military with severe PTSD that went undiagnosed. My family suggested that I get a dog, but what I got was truly lifesaving. Over time, she not only took care of me but she mothered a dove, squirrel, chipmunk, 2 kittens, and Oreanna, after losing her solitary pup in labor. She stayed valiantly by my side every moment of every day. Whether I was in pain or battling PTSD. She stayed by my side, even when it wasn't comfortable to be around me. We had a major scare where she almost passed. She was in ICU for 42 days after her heart stopped from an undiagnosed severe condition. She fought back and made it, and I was able to give her the best 6 years she could've ever asked for.

We got her service qualified after we realized that Indica would recognize my muscle seizures before any other indicators. She was literally my lifesaver. She did everything with me and went anywhere I did, including out of the country and on cruises. She loved being there for me and loved being by my side. She spread love everywhere she went. She has her own Instagram and Facebook, and she was even the mascot for the Groove Cruise.

She meant the world to me and was my everything. I even wrote a little poem and didn't realize that it was a poem until someone else heard it.

"My Princess Snorkey, is not a yorkie
For thine is the Noodly Butt, which I love so much.
I Love my Princess Snorkey"

...And I could go on and on. I even have a list of nicknames she's acquired over time, a list of more than half a dozen favorite activities. My life seems so vacant without her honestly.

I pray this helps bring some much-needed closure. Thank you guys again for doing all that you do to help up through such a tough process.

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