Memorial Spaceflights

Henkie Hamers

"See you in orbit, my Love"
1966 - 2011

Hello my dear Henkie.
My brave, strong and wise man, my dearest friend and mate.

Oh how we had to look how you had to fight for your life and existence the last years. A life that consisted of simple needs and complex desires.

Your longing to discover, to create and to enrich your mind. Your endless patience in everything you thought was fascinating.

Sciencefact and sciencefiction. Your love for the universe, for making music, for your computer, movies, motor racing, holidays with our friends, darting with your family, and spending long hours talking with a beer or some wine.

Your love for me and for our catchildren Pucky, B'ellana, Neelix, Kitty and Nijntje.

You had a great inner drive for recognition.

You had so many plans of making things, creating things. You weren't prepared to give up this life easily. You fought so hard to get rid of the cancer. You fought for kwality in your life and a humane existence.

In spite of all the misery of the treatments and chemo you stayed positive and full of good courage and hope and you were still comforting others to give them a good life. I'm so proud of you.

Your creative brain didn't want to give up, but your body decided different.

We had such a great and rich life together and I miss you so much. I have learned so much from you, I have enjoyed you and I will always love you.

We will embrace your thinking, your pyramid, your music, your little movies as well as here on earth as in orbit, your life now. It will be continued under our name "Hencal designs."

We hope that this is not the end for you, but a part of a journey to discover new worlds and new dimensions. Made out of stardust and going back to stardust. Have a good trip and hopefully till we see each other again, our great friend, my immortal friend, my everything, Thank you for your warmth and your love.

Henkie Hamers died at the age of 44.

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