Memorial Spaceflights

Francis Edward McShane

"Closing Channel D"
1954 - 2006

If ever a person got "the shaft" out of life that did not deserve it, it was Frank. He was born in New York in 1954 and grew up in the Bronx as the only child of Frank & Edith McShane. Both his parents died young of natural causes leaving Frank orphaned at age 11. He was passed around from relative to relative that did not want him, growing up in boarding and military schools. Throughout his life till his death he was convinced he caused his parents' death because he misbehaved as a child. One uncle that was charged with him used up all of his parents' assets of any worth. On his own Frank completed an A.A. degree at Bronx Community College.

At one time he worked for an uncle at the New York Police Department gunnery range. He joined the Air Force and was put in munitions using his work experience and later in the Inspector General's office maintaining technical manuals and verifying safety protocols. He paid close attention to detail and was very responsible. Unfortunately he was an introvert and not destined for a leadership role. When life cast him a bad card, he learned to deal with it. His supervisor could not tolerate his growing belly and pressured him about it. After diet, exercise, and medical assistance he could not slim down. Permanent admonishments went into his file. He could not see a future in the Air Force. He had just made good friends at his assignment in Phoenix, Arizona. So he did not reenlist. He made Phoenix his permanent home.

Frank did not get any useful career training from the Air Force. He worked as a security guard for a few years. He then drove a truck for a hotel till they did not need his driving service anymore. Because he was a good employee with seniority, he was offered to stay with the hotel working in the laundry. He worked there for seventeen years. One night in 2006, after a visit to the hospital, he walked to work, collapsed, and died in a parking lot from an overburdened heart.

Let me speak about the person. This man loved space, technology, and science. He was imaginative and creative. He was a quiet gentleman. He used his creative talents to make crafts and novelties to earn just a little more income. He would use various materials to make mobiles, wind chimes, refrigerator magnets, and coasters.

Frank was always a science fiction fan. He attended sci-fi conventions wherever he was. He loved TV shows like The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Star Trek. He joined our Star Trek club and remained a member for more than twenty years. He held all of the officer positions several times.

Throughout his life he had little money and struggled to get by. He would normally go unnoticed by the world; alone, no family or property, and no major accomplishments that others would equate to greatness. Except that he had us, his friends. He talked to us when we were alone and in need of a friend. He turned his back on no one. He was there at our side when we were in need. He showed us worlds of imagination we would not have known and discussed ones we did know as our equal. Most of all he was our friend and we miss him so terribly much.

In the balance of life, Frank's scales are uneven. To help right this injustice, we now pool our resources to lift his last remains of a noble man to the heavens. What a fitting tribute to a man who loved to see the beyond.

by Frank's friend Jim


A final tribute video to Frank 
by Frank's friend David

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