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David Patrick ("Pat") Miller, Jr.

"God speed Patty"
1944 - 2012

Pat Miller passed away peacefully following a brief but valiant battle against the complications of colon cancer on December 27, 2012, at Barton Memorial Hospital, South Lake Tahoe, California, with his sister, Becky Gorham O'Connor, of Houston, Texas, at his side.

Pat was loyal to the South Shore Tahoe area, having spent most of his adult life there working the gaming industry and making his home in Douglas County, Nevada.

He loved all that the mountains offered and fully enjoyed all stages of his life in the pursuit of happiness. Hiking, snowmobiling and walking his beloved dogs, both Siberian Huskies and Samoyeds, in the wilderness brought him great joy.

Reading and helping others were important parts of his life. In memory of Pat, his family asks that you love each day of your life, love who you are and let everyone you love know how important they are. This is how he lived his life and how he surrendered his soul to his loved Lord. Those of us who knew him will miss his friendship and love. He was a good man.

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