Memorial Spaceflights

Dante Sassi

"You are my sun, moon & stars. Your memory lives on"
1946 - 2021

Dante “Danny” Sassi

08/08/1946 - 12/27/2021

This is truly an adventure for an incredible guy.

Dante was born in McKeesport, PA. the son of Dorothy McCorkle.  This will be a final resting place where his spirit will shine down after a life well lived.  Family and friends can always look up to the sky and remember how truly special he was.

What I want the world to know about Danny was that he had a magic about him that was all his own and his spirit lit up a room like sunshine.  He taught me many things but most important to grow old with grace, humor, and kindness.  Danny wasn’t afraid to die and when the Good Lord called him he went peacefully with courage in the promise of what lies ahead.

When he was a young child at the age of two he was struck with Polio and spent two years in the hospital.  An increase in infection almost took his life.  In addition he had a few more brushes with death that made him cherish the gift of life and live it to the fullest.  It had been his life dream to go to the moon and with all my heart I am so thankful that I can fulfill this dream for him.

Danny was hysterical and witty always making one laugh.  His personality was charismatic and he lit up a room with his stories and was like a breath of fresh air.  His knowledge was endless and his mind was brilliant.  He essentially was self-taught forever reading and became a lifelong learner.  He especially was fascinated with space and the galaxy.  Forty one years ago back in 1981 he was going to watch space shuttle launches in person from NASA at Cape Canaveral.  He continued to watch them up to his final days when he unexpectedly passed away from a Traumatic Brain Injury.   He had the app "Space Launch" on his tablet and viewed launches every day from around the world.  It was something he was fascinated with and truly enjoyed.  He always dreamed of traveling into space and now his dream will come true. He had such an adventurous soul.

Danny saw and accomplished more than most in his life time.  He sailed the transatlantic from Bermuda to England in a race.  He studied and attained his pilot’s license in 1982.  He was an amazing chef and also one of the first ever surfers in Newport, R.I. in 1962. He was an expert at repairing almost everything and loved all music.  Danny was loyal and his friendships extended back to his teenage years with a bond of brothers to this day.  He truly lived a life full of joy and adventure.

Danny had a gentle soul and was a true animal lover.  He took care of all the little birds and bunnies that came into the yard.  During the cold winter months he would not only feed the birds but bring fresh water out each and every day.  Who does that?  In addition he rescued a small dog named Coco from protector of animals that needed care for 12 years.  Caring for Coco brought him so much joy.

One of his greatest gifts was he was the most generous, thoughtful, and giving person I have ever known.  Handing out endless Dunkin Donut gift cards, paying for the groceries for those in front of him or behind him and always there to help out the neighbors.  He was humble, gentle, and kind to all.  If you didn't know Danny you missed a great gift.  I never met anyone who was quite simply better in heart and soul.  He was truly a diamond and I was blessed and honored that he shared his life with me.

He was my best friend and devoted husband for 25 years.  Now he is off to his next great adventure.  God Speed and God Bless.  We had a beautiful life now I’m living with beautiful memory’s.  You left this world but not my heart.  His kind soul will stay with me forever.

Danny is survived by his wife Mary Elizabeth Walsh of Glastonbury CT and, sister Jenine Brown of Grants Pass, OR along with a brother in law Michael Walsh and wife Terry niece Kelly and nephew Joseph in addition to a host of longtime friends.

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