Memorial Spaceflights

Dan Randall

"You are loved forever. Enjoy the journey"
1946 - 2022

We have a sense of peace and comfort knowing that when we look into the sky, he is orbiting the earth he loved and the space that fascinated and mesmerized him in awe.

Daniel Gene Randall left this life and entered the sweet hereafter on January 3, 2022, in Denver, Colorado.

He was born in Yuba City, California on August 19, 1946.

He lived all over the country including, Arizona, Idaho, Florida, and Texas to name a few, and indeed all over the world. At one point he lived in Haiti and Brazil and spoke fluent Portuguese.

He proudly served in the US Navy which took him to more wonderous places on his journey including Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Alaska. He was honorably discharged in 1968.

He enjoyed being in new places and loved to travel with his beloved wife Irene. Their favorite vacation was their honeymoon in Ixtapa Zihuantanejo, Mexico and to McCall, Idaho with their daughter Monique.

Dan was an experienced and skilled outdoorsman, hunter, and fisherman. He would tell you that if you put him near any body of water, he could get a fish out of it. He loved the water. After retirement, he became an avid golfer. He shared these hobbies with his treasured grandchildren Vanessa and Emmitt.

Dan’s biggest joy in life was his cherished wife Irene Grace Randall whom he had been married to for 38 years upon his passing. They had a beautiful love story and words cannot describe the amazing connection they shared.

He loved his family fiercely. He was best friends with his daughter Monique. He was so proud of his granddaughter Vanessa and his grandson Emmitt always made him laugh and feel young. He was close to all his extended family and all his in-laws.

Dan was an avid reader, a movie lover, history buff, amateur ufologist, Ancient Alien enthusiast, chef (he cooked the best eggs), he wrote beautiful poems, love letters and even an unpublished book or two. He was a shameless flirt, loved beautiful women and could charm a snake. He was a great dancer, connoisseur of alcohol (sometimes excessively ha-ha), hysterical joke teller, and suspensive storyteller.

He was confident, passionate, funny, stubborn, honest, loyal, handsome, and an all-around amazing person to be around.

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