Memorial Spaceflights

Corey Lee Goodson

"To infinity and beyond, we love you!"
1988 - 2021

Corey loved everything about space. We love you babe!

Corey was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on August 19, 1988. He passed away in Choctaw, Oklahoma on September 23, 2021 at home. Corey was married to Maria Goodson and had a 12-year-old daughter Payton Leigh Goodson. He had one brother, Chris who was his best friend and one sister, Richelle. Corey loved his family and loved having get togethers; BBQing and loved music so much, we would all sing Karaoke together. Corey loved playing guitar and writing songs. He loved rock music and one of his favorite bands was Volbeat.

Corey would always talk to his wife and daughter about space and stars and always wanted to sit outside and watch the stars for hours and usually watched space documentaries every chance he got. That is why we wanted to send him to space. He always talked about going to space and would leave everything in a second to go there. I am glad that you offer this to the ones that pass away because that is one thing Corey would be so excited about.

We miss Corey every day and wish he were still here. Every time I think of Payton growing up without Corey it breaks my heart. He loved Payton so much. We would give anything to have Corey back. He was such a fun, lovable person who loved to make people laugh and really loved his family and friends.

Payton and I have waited so long to get to see Corey off to space, he would think that this was badass. Corey and Maria could not have any more kids and Corey loved kids so much he would play with everyone else’s kids and when Addi and Gracelynne would stay the night we would invite all the other kids and they would all pile up on Corey.

Corey: I love you so much babe, and so does Payton. I cannot wait for the day we are together again. I miss you so much and you will always be with us.


A Tribute to a Star
by Andrea Dietrich

On you the angels did bestow
a glow your friends would come to know
as star-shine!

For even stars cannot outshine
your countenance. It's as divine
as starlight.

Oh, how you hush those stars, my dear,
from brightly shining when you're near;
they're star-struck.

I too am stricken by your sight.
I'd love to be with you all night
to star-gaze.

Shine on, sweet man, but do not burn
too long or strongly; stars might turn
to stardust!

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