Memorial Spaceflights

Chadley Barton Durasa

"Until We Meet In Heaven"
1978 - 2006

Chad was born February 24th 1978. Always a good student, he graduated as a member of the National Honor Society in 1996.

Chad attended the University of Detroit Mercy, graduating summa cum laude receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in 2000. Chad continued his education attending Michigan State University receiving his Master of Arts in Public Relations in 2002.

After moving from Michigan to Boca Raton, Florida he worked for a public relations firm in Ft. Lauderdale for two+ years. Chad always had a love for soccer and fitness, and decided to go back to college to study nursing at Florida Atlantic University. As a result of his passion for soccer, he was in the midst of putting together and managing a soccer team in South Florida.

Chad will be missed by all who knew him, his family, friends and everyone that was touched by his generous gift of his time, talent and material gifts that he often gave to others in need; always given with a smile.

Chadley, you brought so many wonderful memories to your mom and dad and we are proud to have you as our son and will miss you until God brings us back together forever.

Love forever,
Mom and Dad

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