Memorial Spaceflights

Carola Krause

"Das Ende Ist Der Anfang"
1983 - 1999

Carola Krause was born on May 2nd, 1983, in Herzberg, Germany. All her short life, her family and friends knew her as a lovely and loving person. Carola was an outstanding student in school. She made good grades and participated in many activities such as the philosophers club and volleyball club. She had a remarkable voice and sang in the school choir. 

Her love of music was matched by her love of animals, especially for her dog Caesar. Carola long held a fascination for space. She was very adept at computer use and took part in role-playing games over the Internet. Her favorite games were space-related. She was always interested in airplanes, astronomy and space travel. She planned to study aeronautics and space technology at the university in Stuttgart, and if at all possible, travel into space herself.

But it was not meant for Carola to attend the university. Three months after her 16th birthday, Carola lost her life in a traffic accident. Yet now her family rejoices that she will get to fulfill her wish of traveling into space.

Time, you miserable curse.
If one needs you,
You are not there.
If one doesn't want you,
You fill one with boredom.
Your arms are
Infinite and purposeful.
One cannot escape your path,
And your course vanishes
In impenetrable fog.
Just for once not to be in your grip,
To hover timelessly,
That is one's wish for infinity.

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