Memorial Spaceflights

Bruce Thalheimer

"Fly safe, have fun, we love you"

Bruce was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas and moved to Naples, Florida in 1967 with his family. He learned how to be an auctioneer from his father and proudly served as a professional auctioneer in the family business for many years. Bruce graduated from the Gemological Institute of America in the 1970's and became Thalheimers Jewelers graduate gemologist. He shared his talent as an enthusiastic auctioneer for many Southwest Florida charities and in so doing, passionately raised millions of dollars for worthwhile local causes. Bruce enjoyed being an auctioneer and jeweler and always greeted customers and friends with a huge smile and an entertaining story.

Bruce was a noted aerobatic pilot and was a member of the Advanced U.S. Aerobatic Team that competed in the 1995 Advanced World Aerobatic Competition in South Africa.

Bruce was known for his love of life, generosity of spirit, greatness of heart, keen sense of humor and tremendous loyalty to family and friends. Bruce has a loving family including his wife, Nancy, his daughter, Haley, his son, Ben. Also missing him are his mother, Selda, his two brothers, Sandy & Howard, his nephew, Billy, his niece, Reagan as well as his mothers-in-law, fathers-in-law, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, nieces & nephews. He loved them all very much and they loved and adored him.

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