Memorial Spaceflights

Brady Watson Kane

"Always Moving Forward"
1983 - 2011

Brady Watson Kane was born on August 17, 1983 in Denver, Colorado. He was the son of Bradley L. and Lisa L. (Taylor) Kane, and older brother of Jonathan P. Kane. Brady, of Erie, Colorado, died May 7, 2011 in a skydiving accident at Ft. Morgan, Colorado. Brady grew up in Thornton, Colorado, and graduated from Horizon High School. From there, he pursued his skydiving career. Recently, he started working on a business degree and had just finished his first semester with a 4.0 G.P.A.

Brady enjoyed hiking, bicycling, traveling, and his cats. He was artistic and enjoyed painting. Brady was famous for his sense of humor, helping people laugh. His love, at a very early age, of anything having to do with the stars, space, and flying ("No Mom, not just in a plane; like a bird.... I want to fly like a bird!"), led to his true passion for anything having to do with the sky.

He spent his career as a skydiver, making well over 5,000 jumps. Known as a Senior Rigger, Brady taught, guided and coached at many levels including Accelerated Freefall. He was also a representative for Vertical Suits, Daedalus Project and Icarus Canopies. Brady was a member of the Denver Bronco Thunderstorm Skydiving Team. He also was one of the skydivers at a String Cheese Incident concert at Colorado's Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Brady worked closely with the military. Two soldiers each gave Brady's family one of their medals in his memory: a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star. Above all, Brady will be remembered as intelligent, an excellent teacher and as a leader.

Brady always believed in, and spoke freely of, the idea that our time on this planet is only part of our journey; that the power of love and our spirits live beyond this earthly existence. We talked together a lot about these concepts, in a truly positive, inspirational way. So, the opportunity to be a part of the New Frontier Memorial Spaceflight is such an amazingly perfect place for him to be! It interfaces so beautifully with his and our spiritual beliefs.

Brady's only sibling, younger brother Jonathan, recently said, "I remember being at one of Brady's parent-teacher conferences, when he was in elementary school. He told the teacher and us, 'Someday, I will take my family to Space.' " Though Jonathan was only about five years old, he remembers thinking, "Cool!!! He makes it sound so easy.... I can't wait!!" That's an excellent example of the kind of effect Brady constantly had on people. And of course the irony of Brady going into space this way, all these years later, isn't lost on us.

Brady really did live at least two years' worth of life for each year he was with us. We miss him so much!!!!

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