Memorial Spaceflights

Boris Yakushin

"Your Step into the Universe, Dad"
1916 - 1978

The first Russian, who took a final journey into Space.

Our dad loved Yuri Gagarin. I remember when the first man flew into space, we, like many others, ran out into the street. We walked looking into the sky. Our father was proud of our achievements in space. Maybe that's why his elder son, Vladimir, became an aircraft designer and was among those who created the best Soviet passenger airplane, IL-86.

25 years after our father’s death, we were given the opportunity to pay one more tribute to him. The whole family spoke out "for" this last star journey. What else, apart from prayers, commemorations on special days, can we do to remember our loved ones? Father’s Step into the Universe... What can be more precious for the souls of those who live?

We love you.

From loving children and grandchildren

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