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Albert & Judy Kreps

Please remember Bert Kreps, RN. He passed of Covid December 6, 2020 in Mission, Texas. He spent his life as an exceptional trauma and critical care nurse. Bert’s father worked at NNMC for 30 years as a Public Health Nurse. Bert remembered growing up in Shiprock before they moved to Farmington. He was one of the first student and male nurses of San Juan College. He began his career at SJRMC and then went to work at UNM in the Trauma unit for several years before becoming a Critical Care travel nurse and working in Alaska, Florida and Missouri. Bert’s wife Judy, also an RN, worked in Seattle at the beginning of the pandemic for four months as a critical care nurse caring for Covid patients. They are both heroes. Bert will forever be missed by all his family and friends. Mary Nott, RN

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