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Yvonne Teitsworth

"The Adventure Continues"
1942 - 2021

Yvonne grew up in a family of ten children in New York State and remained close with her parents until their deaths. She became a librarian and ended her career as a research librarian and videographer for New York State. Yvonne never married and upon her retirement, she embarked on a solo RV journey that took her all over the US as well as Mexico and Canada. She had a passion for travel and adventure, and she continued to plan for more right into her final days.

During her years of travel, she helped build Habitat for Humanity homes and was an enthusiastic supporter of charities including The Sierra Club and Feed the Children, among others. Upon her death, she bequeathed legacy gifts to charity. She also attended Space Camp in her later years which sparked a strong fascination for space travel, and she was excited about the prospect of having her ashes launched into space.

Yvonne was an interesting woman with strong beliefs, but she would defer discussion rather than engage in argument. She strove to find common ground. Yvonne had an easy and lovely smile. Her brother recalls when they were children looking at his older sister and how her nose crinkled when she smiled. Hers was the first smile he ever noticed, and it will be the thing most remembered by all who knew her.

There was a long absence from family during Yvonne's solo journey. In her final years when she was no longer able to live that independent life, she returned to the fold of family. She was fascinating, funny and inspiring to all who had the privilege to know her.

A Poem for Yvonne
by Renee Emanuel

A wanderer by heart
Each new place a piece of the puzzle
Finally home

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