Memorial Spaceflights

W. Harper Gaushell

"Space: The Final Frontier"

"Kelsey and Morgan, one day, I want to end up in space. Maybe not in my lifetime, but definitely in yours, you will be able to send someone's ashes into space. In your lifetime, you'll probably be able to travel into space too!," was one of the many unique things we heard often as kids growing up with our out-of-the-box dad, Harper Gaushell. "When I die, save a part of me for that time you can send me to space!" he'd say with almost child-like excitement. How many kids can say they heard a statement like that from their daddy? Haha! 

This spaceflight is a tribute from us, Harper's family and friends, to represent the culmination of a LIFETIME of adventure, love, excitement, passion and the quest for more knowledge. We're sending him off to space to circle the Earth as his legacy lives on in us and we carry him in our hearts and live our lives having been immensely blessed and enriched and shaped by the immeasurably full life he led on Earth. You were one of the greatest treasures of our lives! We love you. 

Now, into Space: The Final Frontier.

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