Memorial Spaceflights

Timothy Francis Leary

"Peace Love Light YouMeOne"
1920 - 1996

"I wanted to be a philosopher. Aristotle, Plato, Voltaire and all these guys who were out there in nirvana. I discovered as I grew up that I was different. Life was to have adventures and quests and Huckleberry Finn."

--Timothy Leary

"He was some kind of Zelig among the Zeitgeist. Whatever was going on in the culture, it was something he could not help but emulate. In the 40s he was a cadet at West Point, in the 50s he was a tweedy college professor, in the 60s he was Timothy Leary, which was exactly right for that time. In the 70s he was a political prisoner and in the 80s he lived in Beverley Hills and hung out at Spago. He found a place in whatever was going on around him."

--John Perry Barlow

"A true visionary of the potential of the human mind and spirit."

--William S. Burroughs

"Dr. Leary is a hero of American consciousness."

--Allen Ginsberg

"He was a warrior for freedom right to the end. His contribution to freedom for one's life has now kind of extended into fighting for freedom for one's death. Leary always hated to be hemmed in by other people's fears. And I think the way he performed this death over the last six months has been quite remarkable and courageous and important and funny."

--Ken Kesey

"One of the gazillion ...things I learned from Tim in my 24 years of knowing him, and particularly during these last few months, is how noble, beautiful and funny a person can be when faced with death. It made me less afraid."

--Winona Ryder


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