Memorial Spaceflights

Thomas F. Davey

"Dad this one's for you"
1918 - 1996

Tom Davey brought from his Minnesota upbringing a strong spirit of exploration, invention and innovation. His lifetime was spent in aviation, as a mechanic who made aircraft safe for travelers, and as a tireless investigator of incidents and crashes. He explored the world, found it exciting, and longed for more.

As an inventor he produced more suggestions that were incorporated into the systems of United Airlines than any other employee. His mind constantly was entertained by issues of space and the frontiers it presented. Tom was also a family man, having raised five children with his wife, Christina, who predeceased him. His children inherited his inquisitiveness, his sharp mind and intense sense of humor, and provided him with eight grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Beware, dear son of my heart, lest in thy new-found power thou seekest even the gates of Olympus . . . These wings may bring thy freedom but may also come thy death.

-- Daedalus to Icarus, after teaching his son to use his new wings 
of wax and feathers

Take nothing for granted; do not jump to conclusions; follow every possible clue to the extent of usefulness . . . . Apply the principle that there is no limit to the amount of effort justified to prevent the recurrence of one aircraft accident or the loss of one life.

-- Accident Investigation Manual of the U.S. Air Force

The work of the individual still remains the spark that moves mankind ahead.

-- Igor I. Sikorsky, Russian born American Aeronautical 
Engineer and Manufacturer

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