Memorial Spaceflights

Tama Uyemura

"A final journey to the final frontier"
1918 - 2013

Earth To Bella

By Isabella Knight-Weber

When I shut my eyes
I travel far away
and in my head, I'm in space
floating up off the rock I'm trapped on
and soaring past the clouds
past the layers in the atmosphere
I see the small and insignificant Earth
my whole life and everyone else's
a speck of dust in the endless void of the universe.
The planets are like the marbles in my jar
each one so different and so beautiful
and if we all had our own little planet
nobody would be as cruel
as we are to the life on Earth.
Why doesn't everyone think of it like I do?
A thought in my mind as I'm soaring
past Jupiter and Saturn and Uranus now to my favorite of them all.
The serene and tranquil nature of Neptune
is the calm in a storm
peace contrasting the crashing waves of the ocean
a body of blue that brings equanimity
unlike the terrifying unknown of the sea.
When I leave the Milky Way,
there's thousands, millions, billions
of other galaxies
definitely more than that
of which I'll never see
of which nobody will ever see
planets and stars and asteroids all so different
snowflakes in a blizzard
and I can see each blazing hot world
or the ice-cold ones
planets with life that are definitely there
just by the sheer numbers
from unicellular organisms to complex beings
with thought and emotion.
I'm filled with a strange sense of inspiration
that out of the possibly infinite expanse
of each "Earth"
each of the neverending amount of eons
years, days, minutes, seconds,
that I am alive
right now.

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