Memorial Spaceflights

Sylvia (Sally) A.S. Burger

"Your Dreams Come True!"
1937 - 2011

Sally Burger was the kind of person people simply liked instinctively.  She was quiet, unassuming with a lovely smile, a gracious manner and confident stature. Calm, confident and kind.

There is more to know about this amazing person.  Sally had many strengths and talents.  She was a sci-fi fanatic.  She loved reading and had multiple books at her disposal at any time.  They were stacked by her chair, in her car and purse. She was never without a few.  She loved music and played the piano.  She was an avid shopper, sewer and quilter. She was a fabulous homemaker and hostess, and skilled chef/baker.  Sally lived to travel visiting almost all of the 50 states, as well as European countries and Argentina.    She was skilled in many sports, belly dancing!

She attended “Space Camp for Teachers”.  It was the opportunity of a lifetime.  This led to a firm belief in the space program.  Sally dreamed of space travel and all that it would mean to future life on Earth and beyond.

Sally was an outstanding example of excellence in her field of endeavor.  She was academically skilled as a graduate surgical nurse in Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.  After marriage and children, she returned to college earning a Master’s Degree in Library Science.   Sally was well suited in her role as a Middle School Library Media Specialist in Woodbury, Connecticut.  Her leadership skills and decision making ability were coupled with a strong work ethic.   Sally’s fine intelligence was clearly scientific in nature.   She was able to respond to technical subject matter that dazzled many of her teaching colleagues.   Sally established an excellent school library media center, computer lab, and television studio which all students were trained and taught to operate and to function in.  

Sally passed away with a cancer that took her life, not her spirit, not here smile, not her courage.  Sally would have been a wonderful, yes… a fantastic asset of any group on any space voyage.   That was her dream.  Thank you for making her dream come true. She is a much missed nana, mother and friend.

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