Memorial Spaceflights

Steven Minson

"'Scott, Sara and I.' You are loved forever!"
1949 - 2023

Steven was born in 1949 in Brooklyn, NY, the first son of Anita & Albert Minson.  He married Susan Clark in 1988 whom he had met at work in NY, where he was an extremely successful Advertising Sales Account Manager and Sales Manager.

The highlight of Steven’s life was without doubt, his two children, Scott Nathaniel Minson and Sara Eleanor Minson.  He was a proud and devoted father. 

Steven’s interests were cooking and gardening, and he was a voracious reader and collector of books, exclusively nonfiction history and battlefield works, especially WW2.  He was also a SciFi aficionado of Star Trek, Dr Who, The Prisoner, X-Files, Outer Limits, and many other television series. Although a nod to Car 54 should also be made. 

He was a Brooklyn Dodger fan, later a diehard fan of the NY teams, Yankees, Giants, and Rangers, and he had collected a massive baseball memorabilia collection for his children with an extensive array of baseball cards dating back to the early 1900 cigarette cards and signed baseballs. 

Known to enjoy a good cigar and book, Steven could usually be found during his retirement with both, relaxing in his backyard with his American Eskimo dog Belle at his feet.

In keeping with Steven’s sense of adventure and his sometimes dark humor, we are following the instructions in his Will as best we can, which included his request to send his middle finger into space.

Have a great flight and second life…you’re in outstanding company that you would certainly appreciate! 

We will miss you incredibly every day.

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