Memorial Spaceflights

Stephen Sorensen, PhD

"Enjoy this Adventure!"
1952 - 2011

Bon Voyage Steve – husband, brother, father, friend.

We miss you dearly, especially sitting at the kitchen table talking for hours on all subjects. You taught your sons Scott and David, to think critically, not just outside of the box but that there is no box. You would be so very proud of the fine young men that they have grown to be.

You always subscribed to the idea of an alternate universe – that what we see is just a fraction of what exists (4% you once told me). The Bhagavad Gita tells us “Not being can never be, being can never not be”. A more recent philosopher says simply to ‘Break on through to the other side”. And so we wonder…….have you just slipped into the next room?

This launch symbolizes our love for you. We wish for you to enjoy your great adventure. Our hearts are full knowing you are always around us.

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