Memorial Spaceflights

Sheila E. Holmes

"I made it. Love you. Mom"
1926 - 2018

Sheila Edwards Holmes died March 6, 2018. She was 91. Sheila was a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother extraordinaire. She touched everyone who knew here with her generosity, laughter and sense of adventure. She was elegant and chic, yet down to earth. She was born into privilege, yet detested snobbery. She loved her home, yet couldn’t be contained there.

Born in New York, she spent most of her later years between London and homes in California and Arizona. There was nothing she liked better than having a croque monsieur on the Rue de Rivoli or planning a trip to some far-flung corner of the globe, often with grateful family members in tow. She loved theatre and the music of Dean Martin and Eric Clapton.

She spent the past 57 years of her life helping people in recovery and was incapable of passing a down-and-out without offering a kind word and a hand out. She was kind, generous yet sometimes painfully honest. Per her request, part of her remains will be scattered in the Pacific, the remainder shot to the Moon in a rocket. (She loved the space program.) We shall miss her terribly but wish her well on her onward journey.

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