Memorial Spaceflights

Robin Lynn Rivera

"Forever among the stars. Loved for eternity."
1957 - 2021

Robin Lynn Rivera was born on October 6, 1957, entering the world peacefully and remaining so all her life—though her quiet nature could not hide her fierce and independent spirit. She accomplished so much, always with discipline and grace.

Robin valued autonomy and education equally, earning a Doctor of Pharmacy from USC in 1981. Earning an MBA alongside her father, her career provided her freedom to indulge her interests, from travel to her many creative pursuits. She was a constant student, and though her goal of attending law school remained unrealized, had she had the opportunity, there is no doubt she would have enjoyed a judgeship on the Supreme Court!

Robin was a precious daughter, sweet sister and sister-in-law, adoring aunt, and loyal friend. She will be loved and missed forever. We are comforted knowing she is on this journey to the stars with her father. She, too, will be with us always, our heavenly star.

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