Memorial Spaceflights

Randell Thomas Dick

"Dwell on the wonder of the stars and run with them"
1959 - 2020

Randy Dick was such an amazing human being; kind, gentle, loving, wicked smart and wicked funny. The youngest child, his great passion was his family and animals. As a shy youngster Randy loved showing his pizzazz by wearing purple silky shirts with matching purple socks. From the very beginning, he was so sweet, sensitive, and mischievous. He once owned a tarantula, then, later on, six cats, all with exotic Egyptian names.

His family, friends, cats, co-workers, and customers all thought he was the coolest of the cool, with a generous heart thrown in. His special business card will show more insight. As a manager at Fantasies Flowers, he had a winning personality, quick wit, charming good looks, and athletic build, which had him often specially requested to be the flower delivery person, especially by some of the ladies. Eye candy, fun, and beautiful flowers- what a great combination. He was a hard worker and a very social guy, leaving people always with a smile and witty remark. Everyone loved to see Randy coming, especially friendly animals who received a treat or two with a pat on the head.

He loved and excelled in athletics and thrived on competition of any type. Beyond traditional sports, like racquetball, golf, tennis, and touch football, any other activity was fair game, like speed climbing Katahdin with friends or bicycling more than 100 miles to the coast and back with his best friend, Joe Wathen. Always good-natured, back-and-forth trash talk was an important element of any activity. Give him a burger, beer, and chocolate chip cookies, and he was in heaven. If he wanted to spoil himself, which was not often, it would have to be filet mignon.

Randy also played a fierce game of chess and was a skilled poker player with various groups of friends over his lifetime, winning more than not. He was a certified scuba diver and underwater photographer, traveling to Belize and other tropical locations. Weekends were spent at camp with his brother and friends, enjoying nature and spending time outdoors. They went camping, mudding on ATV trails and target shooting with the famous potato gun.

On his first excursion to Thailand in 2018, he tattooed all the names of his cats on his arm, showcasing his lifelong commitment to his animals. The tattoo was done the traditional method with bamboo, sharpened to a point, dipped in ink, and then jabbed repeatedly. While it is not the easiest way to get tattooed these days, his devotion, dedication, and love for his cats was a perfect reason to have it done.

His dream came true when he moved to Thailand in 2020, renting an oceanfront condo with spectacular views of the rising and setting sun. On a phone call with his mother, she recalls him saying, “Mom, it’s so F*$King beautiful, my dream times 10.”

What a precious gift your life and love was to our whole family. You were gone from us way too soon. Remembering your hugs, that smile, the talks, your devotion, just everything. Love you always - never ever to be forgotten. “Sweet memories are the paradise of the mind.”

Just as he lived, he will continue to explore. The family chose to send him off with these words, “Dwell on the beauty and wonder of the stars and run with them.”

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