Memorial Spaceflights

Randall Standish

"Finally Have Wings to Fly"

Randall Standish had quadriplegia.  He broke his neck and severed his spinal cord in a workplace accident the month before he turned 18 years old. June 1, 1978.  The doctors said he probably wouldn't live to be 40.  He died just short of 63 years old.  He had just "celebrated" 45 years in a wheelchair.  

Randy was a special man.  He was kind, giving, intelligent, adventurous, positive, funny, and a great listener.  He was an active part of his community, having lived in the same home on Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington, for 42 years.  He had gone back to school and earned his high school degree and then earned his Associate of Arts Degree at Seattle Central Community College.  He was active in the Junior Chamber of Commerce, eventually rising to the role of President of the Seattle Chapter.  He was also a volunteer at the University of Washington Hospital and Harborview Hospital helping spinal cord injury patients adjust to what would be their new lives.

Randy had an adventurous spirit, having participated in skiing (both snow and water), sailing (Seattle Footloose Sailing Club), and jumped out of an airplane three times.  This was all after he had his accident.  

Randy never felt sorry for himself.  He was a very optimistic person.  He loved his friends, and he loved his family.  He leaves behind a sister, three nieces, two great-nieces, and a great-nephew.

Randy wanted to be a part of the Celestis program as he was fascinated with flight, the space program, the universe, aliens, etc.  He wanted to be able to leave his broken body and soar among the stars.

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