Memorial Spaceflights

Rachel Lynn Mayo

"Rachael, play among the stars!"
1983 - 2003

Rachael was a bright, feisty, talented and beautiful young woman whom we loved very much. She died from complications following a stem-cell transplant due to a recurrence of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Rachael was born to Fred and Kathie (Rataj) Mayo. She was a 2002 honor graduate of Winona Senior High School. She had qualities many people admired. She had great passion for her artwork, passion for writing, passion for learning and a unique wit and sense of humor. She was so looking forward to pursuing a degree in art and anthropology at Cornell College. Her strong moral convictions guided all aspects of her life; she never succumbed to contrary pressures, pervasive though they might have been. She always remained true to self.

Some people are too wonderful for this world, and we only get to experience their love for a short time. Remember Rachael and smile.

It was Rachael’s request that she be cremated, and her cremains be carried by loved ones wherever they travel. So far Rachael has visited 49 states and numerous foreign countries. One of her favorite songs was “Fly Me to the Moon”, with that in mind, it is appropriate that Rachael travel to the stars.

Perhaps words penned by Rachael can best explain the wonder of her!

“I am a strange writer of science fiction.
I wonder what the clouded future holds.
I hear the doors to the past slamming shut.
I see the wondrous and frightening Possibilities ahead.
I want to find the truth.
I am a strange writer of science fiction.

I pretend not to fear the unknown.
I feel the world shifting and changing around me.
I touch the entrance to the portal to the future.
I worry that we will destroy that future.
I cry for those who may not see their dream fulfilled.
I am a strange writer of science fiction.

I understand that no one can prepare for the future.
I say that we can try.
I dream of a golden age for mankind.
I only try to do my part.
I hope my attempts are not futile.
I am a strange writer of science fiction.” 

Rachael Lynn Mayo 1999

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