Memorial Spaceflights

Pikachu Munt

"Guardian angel of the Earth"

Written by Steve Munt, Lake Oswego, Oregon: 

Pikachu was an explorer, a hero, and a loving warrior who conquered our hearts.  In a home already hosting six cats, my two daughters adored him, and begged me to adopt him.  Believing he was a neighborhood stray, I said yes, and put a collar on him to let others know he now had a home.  The next day I received a phone call from a neighbor on the next block, wondering why their cat arrived home with a collar.  And thus began Pikachu's journey into our hearts, and into the sky.
Pikachu's arrival in our life was timely.  Another cat, Zee, was recovering from life threatening illness, and was giving up her will to live.  Pikachu rekindled her spirit, and sparked dramatic improvements in her health.  She remains in excellent health five years later, after being given a mere 5% chance of survival.

Pikachu chose to live with us, and after two years traveling between homes, his previous family accepted that choice.  In early 2018, Pikachu was diagnosed with diabetes, and over the next 12 months fought a valiant battle with complications from this disease.  Four days following a week long hospitalization for pancreatitis, additional complications developed, and Pikachu became our guardian angel.

I choose to honor Pikachu as the hero that he was, and continue his legacy as an explorer.  Dozens of supporters have joined in this tribute.  We gift to the world a guardian angel for all, who will orbit the Earth and shower it with love.

Pikachu was the best.  We will always look up to him, and he will remain in our hearts forever.

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