Memorial Spaceflights

Patrick Timothy Callahan

"Space Truckin' Forever"
1955 - 2015

An amazing soul has departed this earth. A Visionary, a humanitarian, a dreamer, and a believer in the human endeavor.  Pat leaves behind his 2 amazing daughters; Melissa and Anita, 2 brilliant grandchildren; Adria and Jackson, and his beautiful wife, Cherie, who he was forever awestruck by.

A successful businessman, a feminist before his time, an amazing DIY engineer, a fisherman aficionado, and a lover of life.  Pat represented the best of humanity. His life, his love, and his teachings are a true testament to what humanity is, and can be. The list of souls he has touched is far too extensive to list here, but those who knew him are forever blessed.  

Although he left us earlier than many, his time has impacted us more than most can ever hope for. He was a scholar, a comedian, an open mind void of bias. Pat always told everyone “reach for the stars.” Now, it’s his turn. He is truly one in a Universe. Never to be forgotten, we love you to the edge of the Universe and back again. Keep Space Truckin’ Pat; you finally got the view you deserve.

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