Memorial Spaceflights

Patrick A. Heagerty

"Home is where you want to be"
1955 - 1996

Born on December 18, 1955, to Freda and Patrick Heagerty of Manlius, New York, Patrick Heagerty graduated in 1978 from Oswego State University in New York with a degree in psychology. He earned a Master of Arts degree in English at Syracuse University.

In December 1982, Mr. Heagerty and his wife Karyn started Pastabilities, a restaurant in downtown Syracuse. Two years later they relocated Pastabilities to another downtown location and pioneered what was later to be known as the Historic Armory Square area. He was posthumously recognized with the Abraham Walton award as a leader in the improvement of the aesthetic landscape of downtown Syracuse. The restaurant continues under the direction of his wife.

In addition to his business life, Mr. Heagerty was quite a Renaissance man. His interests included music, film, thrill- seeking sports, and the arts. He was a member of the board for Lightworks, a photographic arts organization associated with Syracuse University. He was also interested in space. He watched space shuttle flights, liked astronomy, and read science fact and fiction authors such as Carl Sagan, Douglas Adams and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Mr. Heagerty had two children, Ryland Elizabeth (age 7) and Rachel Grace (age 5).

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