Memorial Spaceflights

Michael E. Miller

"Soulmates forever, my Love. 'Fly, Michael, Fly!'"
1949 - 2023

A gift on earth, now a gift to the heavens.

Michael was raised in San Diego, CA. He received his engineering degrees at UCSD. After working in Germany for Daimler-Mercedes, he returned to the United States and got busy in aerospace! He worked at General Dynamics with the team that helped design the payload area of the space shuttles. He then switched to launch services. First at ILS (International Launch Services), based in San Diego. When that company moved to the East Coast, Michael joined Saab Space. He stayed with them through their iterations as Saab Space, Saab Ericson Space, Saab Ruag, and Ruag Space until retirement.

Working in launch services, he was able to travel extensively throughout Europe. He especially enjoyed Sweden and the Swedish people! Michael participated four times in Vatterundan, the world’s largest recreational bike ride (315 km. in one day). He said he spent the coldest month of his life at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan!

Michael was known for his kindness, generosity, sense of humor, and his intelligence. He is survived by his wife.

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