Memorial Spaceflights

Keith "Keef DStorm" Robinson

"The Universe Is Yours"
1968 - 2016

Visionary … charismatic … vibrant … energizing … gorgeous … conscience-driven … inspirational … impatient … loyal … courageous … creative … impulsive … political … passionate … altruistic … influential … adventurous … defiant … fun … stubborn … kind … brightly-burning-star … outrageous … loving … compassionate … caring … exciting … brave

After the atom War Kilsyth had to start again. Kilsyth was blown up so Kilsyth had to start again. The houses were constructed of strengthened glass. You would sleep on a cushion of air. There was a food shortage. A normal ration would consist of 2 loafs of bread, 1 egg, 1 pint of milk, 50g of ground coffee, 1 kg of meat, 7 A, B, C, D, vitamin pills, 500 g of flour, 20 g of sugar, 1000 g of veg for 1 week for 1 adult. The houses were covered over with a plastic dome 30 feet over their tops. The town had 10 main stores and 3 ration card shops. Near the border out of the town there was a station which controls the air flow, the special cars and lighting, etc. It is manned by a crew of 200. The population is 10,000. The food was manufactured out of the radioactive waste from the air generators. The air is manufactured by putting RW and TW together. For security reasons I cannot reveal what RW and TW are.

1nd – Primary 4s
Keith Chapman
Kilsyth Primary, Class 4B

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