Memorial Spaceflights

Joann Marie Rund

"A Gemini's Celestial Wish"
1924 - 2013

To honor her lifelong interests in astronomy and astrology, and her dreams of space exploration, a portion of her ashes are placed into a flight container, loaded aboard a private spacecraft, and with a roar and a fiery streak across the sky, are lifted to rocket into earth orbit, higher and higher into the peaceful solitude of space, thus her lifelong wish being honored.


by Teresa Hooley

Orion is setting, setting into the west,
Luminous, low;
His tilted torches sink to their golden rest,
Splendid and slow,
Till they seem, like blossoms with Paradise beauty fraught
In the boughs of my budding chestnut tangled and caught.

Wind-flowers are rising, rising out of the earth,
Mystical, pale,
Filling dark woods with the light of their fragrant birth,
Beautiful, frail.
For never a star goes down into infinite space
But another is born with the wonder of God on its face.

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