Memorial Spaceflights

Janet Leigh Castle

"Second star to the right, straight on til morning"
1953 - 2020

In Loving Memory of Janet Leigh Castle

Born June 24, 1953

Released her mortal coil on September 22, 2020

Janet Leigh Castle was not just a name; she was a force of nature. Born in Newport News, VA, she made the world her home, touching lives in Texas, Alaska, Missouri, and Delaware, where she spent her final days. She was a proud daughter, sister, mother, and grandmother.

In Missouri, she became known as the "Dragon lady" within the Red Dragons karate club. Her spirit and tenacity shone through as she rose through the ranks to become an instructor. During her final tournament, despite an injury to her knee, she refused to tap out. Instead, she rose to victory, demonstrating the incredible warrior she was, inspiring all who knew her.

As the youngest of four sisters, Janet was a single mother to her two beloved children, Cora Leigh, and Tahra Dale. Her grandson, Archer Aaron, brought immeasurable joy into her life, illuminating her world with love and laughter. Her family meant everything to her. 

Janet's heart beat for all things SCI-FI, especially Star Trek. She knew every episode, including the titles, of the original series by heart. Her teenage dream of traveling the stars aboard the Enterprise is now becoming a reality through Celestis.

Janet's wisdom was her legacy. She didn't just teach lessons; she lived them. The most valuable lesson she imparted was the ability to think for oneself, encouraging you to explore, research, and form your own opinions. Her love for logic and reason has left an indelible mark on us all.

Today, as we bid farewell, we take solace in the knowledge that Janet's dream has come true. She journeys to the cosmos, among the creator and the remarkable women and men who brought the characters of the show she adored to life. She goes with all our love, embarking on a grand cosmic adventure.

Janet Leigh Castle's spirit, determination, and love will forever be remembered. Enjoy the stars, Mom. We'll see you on the other side!

Mr. Scott, One to beam up!

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