Memorial Spaceflights

Irmgard "Ernie" Seitz and Karlheinz Seitz

"Together forever"

The journey of Irmgard and Karlheinz began at the age of 16, in 1971, when they got to know each other and from that time on they loved each other intensively. This common deep connection, love, has carried them through their whole life together.

On 30 July 1976 Irmgard and Karlheinz got married. They were inseparable and worked side by side for more than 25 years in their own steakhouse in the “Pfeffermühle”/”pepper mill.” They always appreciated the value of the time spent together and took a day off every week to go on excursions or simply to be there for each other.

The couple traveled a lot, already at the age of 17 to Yugoslavia, later to the south of Europe and then also through the USA. For their 25th wedding anniversary, Irmgard and Karlheinz made a special trip to Denmark. Here they renewed their marriage vows in a church with all their relatives and friends. "It was as if the world around us disappeared and only the two of us existed as one," Irmgard said about this wonderful moment.

In 1985, during a sightseeing flight on a holiday trip, Karlheinz discovered his longing for flying, for the feeling of freedom. In his youth, he had dreamed of a future as a pilot in the army. He was fascinated by the universe and the idea of the size of the universe and the existence of unknown dimensions. He was also fascinated by science fiction and Star Trek. Irmgard shared his enthusiasm for flying and so he got his pilot's license. As hobby pilots they undertook many flights, among others over the Everglades and Key West.

Karlheinz always liked to give Irmgard roses, but for one of her birthdays it would be something very special: a star. The star was named after Irmgard and the certificate decorated her home from that day on. "This star will forever be their common home and their bridge to each other." These words were used at Karlheinz's funeral to commemorate the gift of the heart. This gave Irmgard a lot of strength until the end of her life and she decreed her common journey with her Karlheinz into the infinity of the universe.

It is a consoling and also romantic thought that the lovers find their eternal rest together on the Moon. We can stay in touch with them when we look up at Earth’s bright, everlasting companion in the heavens above.

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