Memorial Spaceflights

Harvey S. Levine

"'Beam me up Scotty' Love you always."
1943 - 2013

Harvey was born in Worcester, Massachusetts to Sadie and Dave Levine. He was the oldest of three boys. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Medical Technology at Worcester State College. Before going to college, he served four years in the Navy as a torpedo man stationed in Newport, Rhode Island.

He worked in a large teaching hospital in Worcester for 30 years where he conducted diagnostic lab tests.

Harv and his wife Martha moved to Boynton Beach, Florida to retire. They were married for 44 years but were together for 50.

They have two sons: Mike, age 42 and Eric, age 40. They have four grandchildren: Nicole, Jacob, Jackson and Kennedy.

Harvey had many hobbies that he shared with his children and grandchildren. He was an avid fisherman. He read science fiction, e.g. Star Trek. He was a member of the Planetary Society, several cooking clubs, Tai Chi and was a gun collector.

Harv received many accolades and awards for his volunteer work at various community agencies. He was a Boy Scout leader in his son's troop and won many honors under his guidance and leadership.

Harv was an admirer of Jazz and had an eclectic taste for many types of music.

He was an avid reader. Some of his favorites were Moby Dick, Shakespeare and the Old Testament.

Harv was actively involved in the Jewish community helping people in need.

He was a devoted fan of Star Trek, the Planetary Society and enthusiastically participated in the SETI institute (search for extra terrestrial intelligence) program where they search for intelligent life in the cosmos.

When he learned about Celestis, he knew that's how he wanted to end his journey, out in space.

He gave each grandchild a registered certificate of a star with their names on it.

He was always prepared for a hurricane each year living in Florida and had everything possible that he needed. My family thought he was overdoing it but they changed their tune when in 2005 we had a monstrous hurricane and we were prepared.

Harv and I were close friends as well as marriage partners. He was very unique and eccentric at times but he was the love of my life and there will never be another one like him.

He had a plaque hanging on the front door that said, "An old fisherman lives here with the greatest catch of his life."

He had many close friends and family including two wonderful sons who are great husbands and fathers. They loved him because he was always there if they needed him.

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