Memorial Spaceflights

Gavin Townsend Hosack Reynolds

"I am outta here!"
1986 - 2018

Gavin Townsend Hosack Reynolds was the oldest of three children born on July 28th, 1986. Throughout his life he had a thirst for knowledge, endeavoring to know the hows to the whys of the world. He would absorb knowledge like a sponge. Any question we had he had an answer, no matter how trivial or complex it might have seemed, from computer know-how to basic cooking. He was the tech support of the family, much to his consternation. Even as a child, he had to know everything about everything. No piece of electronic gadget escaped his keen mind, always fated to be opened and explored by him. Literal rocket science was his passion even as a child, working tirelessly to get his model rocket to soar high above the parks of Southern California.

Even at a young age, Gavin was conscious and passionate towards our environment and its conservation, always letting his thoughts known to everyone about the woes of our planet. This passion continued and grew through his life. Naturally he loved animals, and was generous and loving to all he met. He stepped in when his grandfather passed to make sure his cat would have a good home. Gavin loved to laugh and always played the clown. On our family car trips, he always tried to get the attention of other cars, conspiring for them to roll down their windows only to ask for Grey Poupon, and always to uproarious laughter from us. Baking was a passion of his as well. Every meal was a chance for him to try a new combination of spices and herbs in the kitchen, perfecting his craft.

Always a social butterfly, Gavin was able to find a niche and join any conversation at a moment’s notice, no matter the topic. He lived life to the fullest and truest sense of the word. Even while gripping with his own mortality, he still gave generously to his family. 2017 saw him organizing holiday festivities, and as the snow fell on Christmas morning in Seattle, we knew it was one to cherish eternally. Gavin will be with us forever, and missed until we eventually meet again.

Gavin is survived by his father, Drew Reynolds; his mother, India Reynolds; his sisters Alycia and Layla Reynolds; as well as his many aunts and uncles.

Gavin, may you finally soar the heavens like a model rocket soaring over the parks of Southern California.

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