Memorial Spaceflights

Fred Coukart

"Just Resting My Eyes"
1925 - 1997

Fredrick Coukart, Jr., was born to Fredrick Coukart, Sr., and Lyda Mae Sayre in Pittsburgh on November 17, 1925. After his father's death, he became the man of the family at age 10. Fredrick graduated from McKinley High School in Canton, Ohio, where he was active in drama and chorus. WMBI in Chicago provided him with his first radio job. Initially just working around the station, he later became a Disc Jockey. Fredrick's work in radio continued for the next 50 plus years, and he became well-respected in the field. His professional name was Fred Barton.

Fredrick and his wife, Norma Sue Lewis, were married for 22 years and always remained close. They had five daughters and two sons. Norma was with Fredrick when he died.

Frankie Laine was his favorite singer, although Fredrick kept up with the changing music styles. "Never make a mistake" was the saying he lived by. "Anything worth doing is worth doing right" was another personal maxim. He was a member of Aftra and served as treasurer for Palm Springs Women's Press Club. He was awarded five Golden Mikes and numerous other awards such as man of the year. No one ever said a bad word about him. All that knew him loved him. Fredrick was a real professional.

The family desires to provide their father the Celestis Commemorative Space Flight because he was a star in his field, and they feel that he belongs among the stars. When they gaze up into the heavens and see the stars they will be seeing him. This is their gift to him as his life was a gift to them.

I envy the heavens that hold you near.

Wishing it could be me, I shed a tear. 
I envy the angels whose hands you hold 
As you walk together along streets of gold. 
I envy those that can hear you sing. 
Praising God together your voices ring. 
Oh, how I wish you were here with me. 
Oh, how my heart is filled with jealousy. 
I know you're at peace now, 
and that helps so much. 
But, oh, how you're missed by 
each life you touched. 
I'll go on without you, 
but I'll never be the same. 
A part of me is empty now, 
a part no one else can claim. 
I'll fill it with your memory 
and lock it in my heart. 
And as long as I have my memories 
we'll never be apart. 
So rest now my daddy, and 
know I love you so. 
For when it comes to loving 
you, no envy do I know. 

For Fred (Barton) Coukart by his children.

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