Memorial Spaceflights

Edward Anthony Tylski Jr.

"The Moon is your golf ball. Tee off! We love you!"
1941 - 2022

Edward married Sharon M Eckley in 1961. They have 2 daughter's Deborah A (McCoy) Tylski and Patricia L (Majlessi) Tylski. Edward worked as a cement contractor for Lueder Construction, then late 70's early 80's started E. A. Tylski Construction Co. Which was lucrative but he himself dissolved the business many years later. After he went to work as a car salesman for several companies in Omaha and retired in his 70's from Huber Chevrolet where he worked for many years. Edward lived in Millard NE with wife Sharon Tylski. He had 2 daughters, 5 grandchildren ( Jennifer McCoy Kugland, Amanda McCoy Aycock, Brandi McCoy Singleton, Ashley Majlessi Helige, Reza Majlessi) and 10 great grandchildren (Dakota and Taylor Kugland, Ava, Savannah, Emma and Oliver Aycock and Shai, Briannon and Shannon Sawyer Singleton and William Helige).

Edward loved to laugh and play jokes on people to make them smile. Edward loved the game of golf from the age of 7 and played in 7 Cox Classics with golf pros. Edward loved to make beautiful pens on his lathe and give them to people. He was truly an honorable Man, Son, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather, Friend… and so much more.

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