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Diane 'Di' Seabridge

"Sleep Tight and Shine Bright"
1964 - 2016

Diane lived all her life in Cheshire UK. She was the eldest child of Beryl and the late John and sister to Julie and Sharon. A beloved and inspirational auntie to her nieces Hannah and Emily. Diane's best friend Cheryl was especially a great support after her diagnosis of MS over 20 years ago, and remained so until Diane's passing. Her hobbies and interests included amongst others going to the theatre, reading and astrology, especially after having a star and some of the moon bought for her for her 40th birthday. Diane had a fascination with penguins and enjoyed outings to the zoo to see them. She loved brass band concerts and listening to a number of other popular artists.

When Diane entered a room she lit it up with her personality, smile and laughter. She was always a happy, jovial person, very quick witted and full of sarcasm. Diane never let her disability and being wheelchair bound, for the past 20 years, define her. People saw Diane the person not the chair or the MS. She never let the fact she was wheelchair bound stop her doing anything she wanted to do, her stubbornness would not allow that!

She is missed and is loved by family, friends and colleagues alike, which was proven by the number of people who attended her celebration of life service.

Diane worked for Astra Zeneca (AZ) from the age of 18, up to being made redundant at the age of 50. She was popular and respected by managers and colleagues. She always greeted people with a smile and a cheery word.

This poem sums Diane up and was written by Cheryl Dianes’ best friend for her celebration of life service:

None of us want to be here today
Far too soon you have been taken away
We know you wouldn’t want to see us cry
So to remember the good ties we will try

Each of us here knew you in our different ways
All of us have memories of very happy days
Later today we will drink you a toast
Your sense of humor is what will be talked about the most

We will laugh about the things you would say
And remember the way you could light up the darkest day
We could always rely on you to crack a joke
Your sarcasm could unnerve even the most confident of folk!

There are many stories which we could relay
But if we told them all we would be here all day!
I asked people to tell me of those they knew
To save us some time I have chosen just two

In the office you would sit with your samples and scan
Putting the world to rights with your buddy Dan
New starters would enter with samples in hand and ask what should be done
You would grin and simply say ‘stick them up your bum’

You always looked forward to the Christmas doo
Where others would be transform you all cramped in the disabled loo
One of the funniest was where you were dressed as Santa himself
You convinced me to dress as your elf!

Be you were far more than the office clown
You were a rock to your friends and would never let them down
No matter what their problems you would offer your support
You would do anything to help anyone with no second thought

You had lots of your own problems especially with your health
Many unknown to those around you because you kept them to yourself
Even in your last couple of months as you began your decline
When asked how you were you would smile and say ‘oh I’m fine’

Your pain and suffering only those closest to you saw
It was important to you that was kept behind your closed door
You fought your battle in privacy, with pride
That’s why there was so much shock on hearing you had died

We take comfort in the fact that this isnt the end
You will live forever in our hearts, our very dear friend
As you go on your journey to heaven above
We send you with a package filled with our love

For now, there is nothing that can ease out pain
We hold onto the hope that one day, we will meet again
But for now we have to say goodbye,
So long, farewell. We all love you Di 

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