Memorial Spaceflights

Claude Ravon Tate, Jr.

1951 - 2013

Claude R. Tate, Jr., age 61, of Asheboro, North Carolina passed away Thursday, April 25, 2013 in Hendersonville, North Carolina. He and his wife, Suzanne, had a vacation cabin, “Overhill House”, in nearby Etowah, North Carolina.

Mr. Tate was born November 11, 1951. A native of Ossipee, North Carolina, Claude graduated from Western Alamance High School. He attended Rockingham Community College for two years. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in History at Appalachian State University, a Masters of Arts in History and a Masters of Liberal Arts both at UNC-Greensboro. Claude also earned a Certificate in Online Teaching at West Georgia State University. He retired from teaching History with the Randolph County School System and was employed as an adjunct professor with UNC-Greensboro for eight years. Claude loved his family and especially loved the time he got to spend enjoying his grandchildren, the mountains and Appalachian State football.

He was a seeker of knowledge, a pilgrim whose lifetime longing and ambition was to find “home”, a place of comfort and belonging both in mind and body. His thesis for his Master’s project in Liberal Studies, shepherded by Dr. Stephen Ruzicka, was on that very subject. His interests ranged from the space program to sports. He was a great fan of Jethro Tull, The Beatles, “Seinfeld” and all the Coen Brothers movies. Claude had a unique spirit and gift for connecting with his students. He was devoted to teaching, taking his laptop with him on trips so he could quickly respond to his online students. His high school students praised him for making history come alive for them. His lectures were legendary. He was a history teacher at Southwestern Randolph High School in Asheboro, North Carolina for 30 years.

Through the Celestis program, he will be stardust, one with the universe, “home”.


Not to know is bad
Not to want to know is worse
Not to hope is unthinkable
Not to care, unforgivable


A simple pilgrim...I sought answers but fortunately found only more questions

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